This Heartless LED lamp is perfect for any Kingdom Hearts fan and will light up any space in 7 different colors. Standing at about 20cm tall, it is the ideal night light for any gamer and the perfect addition to any gaming setup.

The acrylic design is laser cut and laser engraved. It is available with changeable designs, so you can choose a one that suits your mood.

The base has a touch switch to turn the lamp on and off and can be powered by 3 AA batteries, or USB cable.

You can also choose to add a remote, which will give you more control over your lamp. With the remote, you can easily switch between colors, control brightness and also have other options like make it fade in and out and control speed of color switch etc.

Lit by hidden LED's and never overheated, this lamp will brighten any space and it is the perfect home decor piece and an excellent gift idea for any occasion.

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